Thursday, March 29, 2012

Los Amates Mexican Restaurant

Spreets vouchers ( recently offered a deal on a local Mexican restaurant, Los Amates, including margaritas, nachos and mixed enchiladas. The decor and the staff were genuinely Hispanic, and the food was excellent. For starters, both the lime and tamarind with chilli margaritas were flavoursome and refreshing. Although small, the nachos was delicious, with a tangy fresh tomato sauce, crunchy round corn chips and a beautiful guacamole with a refreshing taste of coriander. The melted cheese on top was a little sparse, but the black bean paste (a variation on the oft-used refried beans) was outstanding.

The final course was a mixed platter of chicken enchiladas with three different sauces - a light tomato and green chilli sauce, a thicker more spicy sauce and a chilli and dark chocolate mole sauce. This was accompanied by side servings of beans, a carrot-coloured rice dish with chunks of fresh tomatoes, and a lettuce and tomato salad with balsamic dressing. All in all, tasty, fresh and satisfying, but the main dish could have been heated up a little more as the cheese on top would have been better melted . It was just as well dessert was not included!

The service was attentive and quick, but this was in part due to needing to move customers through to make room for the later second sitting. The food and ambience seemed more authentically Mexican than chain restaurants like Taco Bill, and the overall experience can be recommended.

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