Monday, January 7, 2013

A mighty good feast - Elephant & Castle Hotel, Adelaide

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The bistro had a good variety of food at reasonable prices, and there was also a fairly extensive menu in the bar (at cheaper prices). Due to exhaustion from the aforementioned several hours of wandering the streets in the heat, eating here seemed like the easiest option. Keeping up the turkey and ham Christmas theme, the menu incuded roast turkey, ham and vegetables (and bread rolls) for $11.50 (and a lemon, lime and bitters for $3.50).

This was a lovely unpretentious meal. Visually attractive, it included a thick slice of turkey, several slices of ham, small potatoes roasted in their skins, a piece of roast pumpkin, a piece of parsnip and some sliced zucchini. This was accompanied by a rich (not too salty) gravy and a magnificent intense buttery sage stuffing. The large-leaf parsley garnish was surprisingly flavoursome.

Being in the bar area with a TAB and race commentary down the other end, the ambience was perhaps a little lacking, but the noise level wasn't too bad, and the service was friendly and helpful (even extending to some extra bread rolls). A big tick for tasty quality food at a very reasonable price.

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