Monday, May 7, 2012

Fish and Chips - Swimmingly good!

Great Bite
Seafood, Fish & Chips
134A Station Street
Fairfield Vic 3078
Tel: (03) 9481 3790
Visited for dinner, Friday 5 May 2012 and subsequently
Closed on Tuesdays. Open from 11am to 8.30pm other days (9pm Friday).
Verdict: Recommended

This is one of the many fish and chip shops in the local area. Conveniently located in Station Street, Fairfield, it is accessible by car, train (a short walk) and bus (stops right out the front).

They sell fresh seafood as well as the take-away staples of fish and chips, hamburgers, steak sandwiches and souvlaki,

It is a bit of a Friday night treat to have fish and chips (perhaps a hangover from the European or Irish Catholic heritage of many Australians) and Great Bite rarely disappoints.

The Family Pack #2 ($22.00) includes three blue grenadier, three potato cakes, three dim sims and minimum chips. They are willing to substitute three calamari rings for the dim sims if asked (not all fish shops will do this, and have in the past lost my custom as a result).

The serving of chips is a fairly standard size, but the size of the other components is usually generous. The blue grenadier fillets were large, thick and juicy, and like the calamari rings had a wonderful "melt in the mouth" quality with crisp batter on the outside. The potato cakes were also crispy on the outside and soft and melting on the inside. The chips had a similar presentation as well as a light sprinkling of salt, which made them very moreish.

All the pack contents were deep-fried to a dark golden colour, but were definitely not overcooked. All the food disappeared quickly without complaint!

Service is friendly and staff remember 'regulars'. Based on past experience, I would recommend not ordering too close to closing time.

On all visits since the original visit the standard has been consistently good. The fish is always juicy and "melt in the mouth". The recomendation stands!

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