Monday, November 19, 2012

Coffee Review - Sainsbury's Artisan Bakers

Sainsbury's Artisan Bakers
175 Alexandra Parade
Fitzroy North Vic 3068
Tel: 9489 5555
Medium cappuccino $3.70

Driving past on Saturday 10th November, there was an intriguing sign out the front "Last coffee before Frankston!". As Growers Espresso was closed by this stage of the afternoon and I had to stop at the nearby Officeworks, it seemed like a good opportunity to try a coffee.

The take-away cappuccino had a nice thick froth with lots of chocolate topping. The coffee had a fragrant aroma and a robust, velvety smooth, well-rounded and creamy flavour with a subtle after-taste, leaving a slight tingle on the tongue. It made me think of a fine flavoured chocolate liqueur truffle that just "melts in your mouth".

In the display cases in the small shopfront there were lots of gorgeous-looking pastries (average price $4.50) and breads and savoury 'finger food'.

Isn't it strange that you rarely stop at the places close to home! I have driven past this shop hundreds if not thousands of times over the years but have never stopped before (this was probably not helped by the shop being on the corner of two extremely busy roads). However, I definitely enjoyed the coffee!

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