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Curry to write home about - Downunder Curry, Northcote

Downunder Curry
Nepalese and Indian Cuisine
417-419 High Street,
Northcote Victoria 3070
Tel: (03) 9486 5333

Fully licensed and BYO (wine only)
Free delivery within 3km radius (min. order $28).
Sun, Tues and Wed - 5.30-10.00pm
Thurs, Fri and Sat - 5.30-10.30pm.
Closed Mondays.
Group bookings welcome.

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(Updated 28 February 2013 - additional dishes and photos added.)

Take-Away Value Pack $38.50 
Momo (chicken or lamb - selected)
Butter Chicken (selected) or Nepalese Chicken Curry
Lamb Rogan Josh (selected) or Beef Curry (Rogan Josh(
Mixed Veggie Curry or Aloo Matar
2 x Basmati Rice
2x Naan
1 x Raita
3 x Pappadams
(There is also a take-away Family Pack with more contents for $49.50). 

The Momo (five Nepalese steamed home made dumplings served with fresh tomato chutney) came with a slice of tomato, cucumber, carrot and onion together with some lettuce and a sliver of lemon. The lamb mince was coarsely ground and lightly spiced and the dumpling pastry, whilst not completely 'melt in the mouth', was still very pleasant. The stand-out performer was the tomato chutney, which had a delightful lightly spiced and smoky taste.

The chilli pappadams were crunchy and delicious.

The Mixed Veggie Curry contained peas, potato (sauteed), cauliflower, broccoli, eggplant - moerately spiced, fresh-tasting (the presence of coriander and some more musky-tasting spice noted). 

Lamb Rogan Josh - the main ingredients were lamb, capsicum and tomato. It was strongly spiced with generous chunks of lamb. Some of these were a little bit dry but still tender and not stringy. There was a good amount of flavoursome sauce with a rich meat-stock underlying taste.

The Butter Chicken consisted of a goodly amount of tender tandoori chicken pieces and was moderately spiced. There was a rich, glossy and ever so tasty tomato-based sauce (which was slightly sweet).

The Naan was lovely - fluffy, light, flavoursome and thick. The creamy Raita was made up of yoghurt, carrot, cucumber and tomato. It was a little sweet but fresh and refreshing.

The curries were seriously good and great value. Highly recommended!

After my ill-fated trip to Nepal just over twelve months ago, I was deeply sceptical about Nepalese food and definitely never wanted to see another sauteed potato in my entire life (all together too much being expected to eat these for breakfast, lunch and dinner), but I do recall that the Momo were touted as a typically Nepalese (and quite pleasant) dish. That sorry tale is perhaps a story for another time, but Downunder Curry have definitely won me over with the quality of their food and good value. They also recently hosted a very successful fundraising event for the Friends of Baucau (an East Timorese support group).

P.S. Much better value and more generous than other local Indian restaurants Everest and Himalayas.

(Updated 28 February 2013 - additional dishes and photos added.)

Aloo Matar
This was a delicious combination of potato and peas in a spicy curry sauce. The potato was cut into wedges and was nicely cooked through and succulent. Out of all the curries this was the most generous serving in terms of substantial contents versus sauce.
Beef Rogan Josh
This was a nicely spiced traditional Rogan Josh sauce with mostly large chunks of beef. A disappointing aspect was that some of the chunks were way too big and overcooked and dry or full of gristle. Generally the smaller chunks were more palatable.

The garlic naan was very nice too but very garlicky!

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