Sunday, December 23, 2012

Some precious metal at Zinc, Port Douglas, Far North Queensland

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Open 7 days a week from 9am.
Children's menu around $15, entrees around $18-$20, mains on average around $30.

We sampled four dishes at our table:
(Children's Menu) Hot chips with tomato sauce $6.90 (very salty).

(Entree) Trio of Seafood Vichyssoise Style $19.90
Served with smoked oysters, gravalax ocean trout, truffle oil and salmon caviar.

Saffron Linguini $31.00
Served with local banana prawns, chilli, thyme, lemon zest, olive oil, wild rocket, confit cherry tomatoes, lemon juice and picked parsley.

Prawn and Mussel Laksa $29.90
Served with Laksa sauce, rice noodles, prawn, mussel, stir fried vegetables, egg, asian bean sprout salad, lime, coriander and fresh red chilli.

The Vichyssoise was the stand-out dish, with an inspired combination of flavours. The creaminess of the soup was beautifully complemented by the stronger savoury flavours of the seafood. The gravalax was nicely prepared with dill, and the orange-coloured caviar came across as little exploding bubbles of taste. I would definitely recommend this one.

I was told that the Saffron Linguini was nice enough but not remarkable.

I had the Seafood Laksa. When I think of a Laksa, I always think of the steaming hot traditional Malaysian Laksa, with the coconut and curry-based soup and a wide variety of ingredients, including noodles, vegetables, chicken, seafood and bean curd. This one was quite different. It had the spicy curry base and some thin pale noodles and seafood, but lots of bean sprouts and some other crunchy vegetables as well as some slightly soft egg quarters. There was an attractive little dish of accompaniments on Asian spoons - a braised half-lime, some crushed pineapple with coriander (a lovely refreshing combination) and some chopped chilli with coconut. It didn't quite work for me as both the vegetables and noodles were bland and it was a bit of an effort to chomp your way through them all and the egg seemed strangely out of place. The seafood components were nicely prepared. The accompaniments were tasty. Overall it was a bit disappointing, so I wouldn't have this one again.

There are seats available both inside and outside. The service was attentive and friendly. One interesting touch is that there is a large aquarium directly outside the toilets and it also forms one of the internal walls for each gender. There were some brightly coloured reef fish, a stingray and a large ramora suctioned onto the wall of the gents!

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